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Product Detail

Meter Relay LV1000


It's compact and is practicable total of directions by the various uses.

  • Size is W96 × H48mm (3.8×1.9 inch)
  • 1608 size LED 20 bars
  • Display is -9999~9999.
  • Linearization function : 20 points

Standard Specification
Model LV1000
Power source 85~264VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max.22VA
Indication Red LED 5 digits
Font size 10mm(Zero suppress system)
Bar Graph 1608 size LED 20 bars
Linearization function 20 points
Alarm contact output 2c
Contact capacity AC125V 0.6A (Resistance load)
AC250V 0.3A (Resistance load)
DC30V 2A (Resistance load) Max 60w
Maximum Control Current: 2A
Analog Current Output DC4~20mA
Analog Current Input DC4~20mA(Input resistance 250Ω)
Sensor supply voltage 24VDC(150mA)
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  • LV1000Mater Relay

Mater Relay

警報信号としてc接点リレーx2を標準装備、オプションとしてa接点リレーx2を追加可能、さらにオープンコレクタ出力を最大8点まで増設でき、 計12点の警報信号を出力可能です。
+24V 150mAの高容量供給電源を装備。またオプションで12V200mA、5V100mAが選択可能です。

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