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Product Detail

Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Meter KWS100


It can detect unclear sludge layers in a purifying tank, thickener, etc. with a high degree of accuracy. The sensor is excellent in maintainability and reliability!

  • It enables continuous and real-time measurement.
  • It is provided with a logger that can store 10,000 points data at the maximum.
  • Wiring cost can be reduced by the optional wireless system.
  • Maintenance loads can be reduced significantly by the automatic cleaning method.
  • UnderWater Solid

Operating Principles

The propagation time from when an ultrasonic wave transmitted from the sensor reflected on the contamination surface and received again by the sensor is converted into the distance to the contamination surface and then output.

Standard Specification
Model KWS100-S Single Type Controller
Measuring Range 0.35~10m
Resolution 1cm
Accuracy ±1% FS or 2.5cm
Temperature -10~+60℃
Data Storage 10,000 points
Screen Value, Echo, Trend
Display Level, Distance, Temper,mA, Time
Outputs 4-20mA 750Ω max.
SPDT x 3 (5A 250VAC)
Power Source 100~240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Below 6W
Enclosure Rating IP67
Model S1-G Sensor S1-T Sensor
Material Body:SUS304
Transmitting face:Epoxy
Transmitting face:Teflon
Cleaning Built-in nozzle Built-in nozzle
Connection G3/4B G3/4B
Cable Length 10m (Max.100m) 10m (Max.100m)
Temperature -10~+60℃ -10~+80℃
Beam Angle
Frequency 160kHz 160kHz
Enclosure Rating IP68 IP68
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In addition to the above, various specifications are available.
For more information, see respective catalogs or contact us by phone or mail.

  • KWS100Stationary Type

  • KWS100-PPortable Type

Stationary Type

Measurement range 10m Max.
10,000-point data can be stored.
Cleaning unit (option) prevents materials from adharing on the transmission surface.
Swing bracket (option) for easy sensor installation.
Wireless system (option) avoids wiring costs.

Portable Type

Easy handling handy model.
Some points of sludge level are measurable.
Just cover the sensor with float then you can start measurement.
Controller works with rechargeable battery.
100-point data can be stored.

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