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Product Detail

Ultrasonic Sludge Density Meter KWS200


It helps with the automation of sludge discharge, the reduction of the amount of polymer used in a dewatering process, and the improvement of efficiency of a thickener purification process!

  • It enables continuous and real-time measurement.
  • It is equipped with a logger that can store 10,000 data.
  • A sensor type suitable for each site can be selected.
    (Spool piece type、tank mount type、Clamp on type)
  • Liquid

Operating Principles

Almost all measuring instruments for suspended solid substances are based on a method of processing the attenuation amount of ultrasonic waves through comparison of amplitude variations of the wave receiving signal. When this method is used, the capacity of solid substances in a liquid is kept fixed. Because the pipe shape and flow velocity affect the stability and reliability of measurement, high-precision measurement is impossible. Our KWS200 type meter increases precision by method of calculating energy with the wave receiving envelope, not by utilizing amplitude variations of the wave receiving signal.

Standard Specification
Model KWS200 Controller
Measuring Ranges Standard:2,000~200,000mg/ℓ(0.2~20%)
Measuring Mode Process Mode,Real-time Mode
Resolution 100mg/ℓ 0.01%)
Accuracy ±1% or ±2000mg/ℓ (whichever is greater)
Repeatability ±1% of reading
Display Density、Time、Pipe condition、Temperature、
Flow condition、mA、Self testing、etc
Temperature -20~+60℃
Outputs 4-20mA max.750Ω
SPDTx3、AC250V 5A(ER、R1、R2)
RS232C(Standard)、 RS485(Option)
Power Source 100~240VAC 50/60Hz below 6W
Enclosure Rating IP67
Model S2-S(Spool piece type) S2-T(Tank Mount type) S2-C(Clamp on type)
Material 304SS 304SS MC Nylon and Aluminum
Transmitter and Receiver Material Epoxy Epoxy Epoxy
Pipe Size 50A~600A 50A~300A
Frequency 1MHz 1MHz 0.83MHz~1.5MHz
(Frequency Auto-selection)
Max. Pressure 10bar 10bar 10bar
Cable Length 10m(max 100m) 10m(max 100m) 10m only
Temperature -10~+60℃ -10~+60℃ -20~+60℃
Enclosure Rating IP65、IP68(Option) IP68 IP68
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In addition to the above, various specifications are available.
For more information, see respective catalogs or contact us by phone or mail.

  • S2-SSpool piece type

  • S2-TTank Mount type

  • S2-CClamp on type

Spool piece type

Measurable at any size from 50A-600A.
Transmitting and receiving with 2 pairs of sensor is available as an option.

Tank Mount type

Just insert the sensor into the tank then you can start measurement.

Clamp on type

No pipe construction is required for installation. Just install the sensor in the current pipe.
Measurable at any size from 50A-300A.
No maintainance is required since no adhesion or friction on the sensor.

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