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Product Detail

Ultrasonic Area-Velocity Flow Meter AVFM6.1/Stingrai2.0


Flow velocity and water level can be measured simultaneously by one sensor! It can be used only by fixing the sensor to the bottom of a water channel. Large-scale constructions such as weir and pipe establishment are not needed.

  • Flow velocity and water level are consecutively measured by one sensor.
  • No weir or flume is needed.
  • It is easy to set the sensor using a fixing screw and mounting bracket.
  • All necessary settings are to enter the pipe diameter and water channel width. There is no difficult setting.
  • Even a high-speed flow of up to 6 m/sec can be measured.
  • Liquid

Operating Principles

A flow velocity (Doppler method) and water level (time flight) are consecutively measured through the ultrasonic wave transmitted from the sensor. The flow rate is calculated by setting the pipe diameter and water channel width.

Standard Specification
Model Controller
Power Source 100~240VAC 50/60Hz(Max.30W)
Output DC4~20mA(Allowable load resistance 1000Ω)x3
(Flow,Level and Velocity)
or DC0~5Vx3
Output Contact SPDT x 2
Contact Capacity AC250V 5A
Accuracy Level/±0.25% of range
Velocity/±2% of readings
Display White(LCD with Back light)
Temperature -20~+60℃(no freezing,no condensation)
Enclosure Rating NEMA4X(IP66)
Data Logger 6,500,000 points USB-Output
Model Sensor
Sensor Material 316SS
Temperature -15~+80℃
Measuring range Velocity:0.03m/sec ~ 6.2m/sec or Back flow:-1.5m/sec
Level:25.4mm ~ 4.57m
Cable Material Polyurethane
Cable length about 7.6m
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In addition to the above, various specifications are available.
For more information, see respective catalogs or contact us by phone or mail.

  • AVFM6.1Standard type

  • Stingray2.0Portable Type

Standard type

Applicable to any shape of pipe or open channel.
Measurable water level 25.4mm-4.57m.
Measurable flow velocity 0.03-6.2m/sec.
Setting value is protected even after blackout.
Intrinsic safety is available with an optional barrier.
Metal fittings for easy sensor installation is available as an option .

Portable Type

Easy handling portable model.
Operation with alkaline D size battery.
Applicable to any shape of pipe or open channel.
Measurable water level 25.4mm-4.5m.
Measurable flow velocity 0.03-3.05m/sec.
Download the measurement data from the flow meter into your computer with our special software.

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