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Product Detail

Back Scatter Dust Monitor QAL360


Suitable to particle emission concentration measurement in the big boiler, kiln etc! Easy installation and easy maintainance with the backscatter technology.

  • One side installation with backscatter technology.
  • Applicable duct diameter 2-10m.
  • No influence by application. Stable measurement.
  • High resolution 0.1mg/m³.
  • Self diagnosis function.
  • Dust

Operating Principles

It calculates the change of particle emission concentration by reading scattered light intensity which is created by irradiating laser to the particle emissions in the exhaust gas. No need to install 2pcs of sensors and optical axis adjustment since it detects backscattered lights and a sensor has both laser irradiation part and retection part in it.

Standard Specification
Model VIEW160c
Power Supply 100~240VAC 32mA(50/60Hz)
【Option:24VDC 300mA】
Outputs Relative density output DC4~20mA(Insulation model Resistance load max.500Ω)
alarm1(Trouble alarm&High concentration HH alarm)1a(max 1A)
alarm2(High concentration H alarm)
1a(max 1A)
Inputs Plant stop signal
(Change the indication and output while imputting 24VDC.)
Resolution < 0.1mg/³
Self-checks Zero and Span, Air flow checks
Housing Material ADC(epoxy coated)
Enclosure Rating IP65
Display LED Digital Display, LED Lamp
Temperature Ambient Temp:-25℃~+55℃
Temperature inside the exhaust gas pipe:
-25℃~+400℃(Heat resistant model for high temperature)
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  • QAL360cRelative Density Meter

Relative Density Meter

Useful one side mounting sensor.
Measurement range 10m Max.
Lens cleaning, maintainance etc. are available without removing flange.
Flow switch for air purge monitoring is available as an option.
Blower unit for airpurge is available as an option.

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