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Product Detail

Speed Detector KPS Series


Surely detects the speed change of the conveyor!
Prevents parts and motors from being damaged

  • High precision detection is achieved by using a digital control method.
  • The operating speed can be set freely with the range of 3 to 1999 rpm.
  • The built-in startup compensation timer makes it possible to set up the startup compensation of 99 seconds at the maximum.
  • Use of a proximity sensor for the sensing unit makes the detector contact-free and eliminate moving parts, which results in the long life duration.(KPS-21)
  • As the conveyor belt speed is detected directly, the speed change of the belt alone is surely detected.
  • Powder
  • Granules
  • Lump

Operating Principles

An electrical signal is sent from the built-in photo sensor through the rotation of the cam installed on the shaft or from the built-in proximity sensor through the rotation of the metal piece installed on the mechanical unit.
By counting this electrical signal for a given length of time, the shaft rotation speed is detected as the rotation speed per minute. The contact output is executed when the rotation speed reaches below the preset speed.

Standard Specification
Model KPS Series
Power Source 105/210VAC ±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.5VA
Output Contact SPDTx1
Contact Capacity AC250V 5A、DC30V 5A
Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Permissible Speed below 2000rpm
Setting Range 3~1999rpm
Measurement Error 2rpm
Start-up Compensation Timer 0~99seconds
Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Enclosure Rating Equivalent to IP55
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In addition to the above, various specifications are available.
For more information, see respective catalogs or contact us by phone or mail.

  • KPS-11Photo Sensor Type

  • KPS-21Proximity Sensor Type

  • KPS-123/124Touch Roller Type

Photo Sensor Type

Shaft direct connection model.
Operation speed setting range 3~1999rpm.
Quick response. Output signal time lag only 5 sec.

Proximity Sensor Type

Non contact, no moving part and long life expectancy.
Reliable detection with detection distance 8mm or less.
Operation speed setting range 3~1999rpm.

Touch Roller Type

The length of whole sensor part 300mm or 450mm.
Detects the speed of conveyor belt directly. Belt speed change is trustfully measurable.
Operation speed setting range 3~1999rpm.
Quick response. Output signal time lag only 5 sec.

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