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Product Detail

Flow Switch KP-4/810/820/830/840


Most suitable for detecting a flow on a conveyor!

  • Intended for installation on the wall surface.(KP-4)
  • Most suitable for detecting a flow on places where robustness is required such as coal, crushed stone, mineral ore, and so on.(KP-810)
  • As torque can be adjusted freely, the meter can be used for a low specific gravity.(KP-820)
  • Most suitable for detecting a falling substance in a tilt chute.(KP-830)
  • Powder
  • Granules
  • Lump

Operating Principles

A measured substance carried by a conveyor pushes the sensing plate of the flow switch, and the internal cam mechanism activates the micro switch to make contact output. When the measured substance passes over, the restraint of the sensing plate is released and the sensing plate goes back into position by its own weight and spring force. Then, the contact output is released.

Standard Specification
Model KP-4 KP-810 KP-820 KP-830
Power Source No No No No
Output Contact SPDTx1 SPDTx2 SPDTx1 SPDTx1
Contact Capacity AC250V 10A
DC30V 10A
AC250V 10A
DC30V 10A
AC250V 5A
DC30V 5A
AC250V 5A
DC30V 5A
Contact Operating Angle About 5° About 10°,15° About 15° About 25°(variable)
Process Connection 4 ×φ7 hole 4×φ12 hole 6×φ7 hole Equivalent to JIS 5K 65A
Enclosure Rating Equivalent to IP43 Equivalent to IPX3 Equivalent to IP43 IP67
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In addition to the above, various specifications are available.
For more information, see respective catalogs or contact us by phone or mail.

  • KP-4Wall-mounted only Type

  • KP-810For Lump Type

  • KP-820Small-gravity Type

Wall-mounted only Type

Wall mount model on the belt conveyor.
Sensor board material urethan rubber. Size customization is available.

For Lump Type

Suitable for big load flow such as coal, crushed stone, ore.
Withstandable to over load since the shaft part is protected with spring.
Sensor board length can be customized to each application.
Sensor board material 304SS is available.

Small-gravity Type

Low density material is detectable with a torque adjustment.
Sensor board can be customized to each application.
Standard sensor board material 304SS. urethan rubber and SUS spring steel are available as option.

  • KP-830Flow Detection In Tilted Chute

Flow Detection In Tilted Chute

Suitable for falling object detection in the inclination chute.
Applicable to flow detection inside the pipe.
Sensor board can be customized to each application.
Whole length can be set for each application.
Torque adjustment with built-in spring.
Tell us flow direction when placing order.

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