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Product Detail

FTIR-Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMSⅡ/DX-4000


FTIR method: Fourier transform infrared analysis.
The analyzer continuously measures 12 or more gas components using the unique algorism.

  • As a sample gas is measured with the temperature kept high (180°C), high-temperature, high-humidity, and water-soluble gases can be measured.
  • It has an excellent corrosion resistance and uses a simple measurement method that does not need water removal.
  • As a quantitative analysis system is used, a calibration gas is not basically needed.
    Only the zero gas measurement is performed using a nitrogen gas.
  • Gas

Operating Principles

Respective molecules that constitute physical properties have their unique frequency of vibration, and only the infrared rays that correspond to the frequency of vibration are absorbed. Thus, the substance can be identified from the frequency distribution at the absorption peak. Infrared rays regarded as interference light by the interferometer are absorbed by the sample gas in the cell to obtain the frequency intensity specific to each molecule. The spectrum is obtained from the frequency intensity through the Fourier transformation, the mutual interference compensation and absorption band are selected, and then the gas is identified and the concentration is calculated from the library and CLS algorism.

Standard Specification
Model Enclosure
Material SPC(cream:baking paint)
Dimensions 2150x600x600mm
Weight 500kg(full system)
Enclosure Rating IP54

Model Air Conditioning Unit
Cooling capacity A35℃/A35℃ 1500W
A50℃/A35℃ 1000W
Internal circulation 500m³/h

Model Heated Tube
Material Teflon
Operating pressure Max.400kPa
Temperature Max.200℃
Power supply 230VAC(Option:115VAC) 120W/m

Model Sample Probe SP2000-H
Power consumption 800W
Operating temp. 180℃
Filter element Ceramic 2μm
Dust loadings < 2g/³
Probe tube 316SS
Probe length 1m
Sample temp. Max.600℃
Sample pressure 0.4~6bar
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In addition to the above, various specifications are available.
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  • CEMSⅡFTIR-Continuous Emission Monitoring System

  • DX-4000Portable Type FTIR-Continuous Emission Monitoring System

FTIR-Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Simultaneous measurement of Max. 50 gas compounds with from low to high concentration.
Moisture removal is not required for its simple mesurement in high temperature.
The housing can contain a set of gas analyzer, computer etc in it.
Max. 100m extendable between housing and measuring probe.

Portable Type FTIR-Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Portable model which is suitable for monitoring at various places.
Portable model yet it is able to monitor Max. 50 kinds of gases.
Corrosive gases, such as exhaust gas which contains moisture, monitoring is available.

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