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Aiming for a raizon d’etre indispensable to the betterment for life of mankind with our zeal and our original technology.

President and CEO Norio Miyasaka

In recent years, automation of production processes has been progressed. Level sensors occupy an important role, and more precise products are required for the inventory control/management.

With a belief of our “ Zeal and Originality. ” Our enthusiasm has had been improving our customer satisfaction with our customized products.

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In addition, we focus on measures such as environmental protection and safety standards required to support our customers CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) along with the industry- academia collaboration and future technical tie-up with overseas manufacturers.


Corporate Philosophy

Aiming for A RAISON D'ETRE indispensable to betterment for life of mankind with

Management Creed

「Zeal and Originality」


PASSION above all can be a foundation for strength.
Exerting our knowledge and making the impossible come true in the firm brief that our possibilities may be expanded infinitely.

ORIGINALITY can page a new path.
Exerting our technical capabilities and turning adversity to leap in a hope that our dream may come true.

Mission Statement

  • Challenging to upgrading to a leading company in the industry.
  • Contributing to the betterment of the global community through our business.
  • Developing persons of polite and courteous character.
  • Realizing a happy and promising life for people.


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